scum bum
I am with you always,From the darkness of night until the morning I am with you always, From life until death takes me

Photo Blog: City & Color

went to see city and colour with my gf had an amazing night even got to meet the lovely dallas green after who was so…
scum bum
scum bum Jan 24, 2014

etsy finds love for esty

scum bums etsy finds im addidicted to esty<3 im also on instagram if anyone would like to follow me scumbum92   have a beautfuil week much…
scum bum
scum bum Jan 07, 2014

love for phiney pet

Love for Phiney Pet   I love the bold bright colours and prints <3 love the retro feel and I also love the 90s-ness of it all…
scum bum
scum bum Dec 10, 2013

Camilla d’Errico

Camilla d’Errico one of my favourite artists shes so talented love her unique style so much! Her artwork is just beautiful I hope to one…
scum bum
scum bum Nov 28, 2013

love for Valfre

nbsp; Ilse Valfre an amazing and very talented inspiring illustrator   from Mexico whom iv fallen in love with a few months back. I want to be…
scum bum
scum bum Nov 12, 2013
scum bums eyepic
scum bum
scum bum Sep 25, 2013

unicorns tied up with skellington bones howling wolves and crescent moons

scumbums eye sees and knows all !! showing off my new nuttella jumper my gf spolied me <3 being silly as always <3 nutella bitchhhhessss!! eye see all and…
scum bum
scum bum Sep 24, 2013

be as vain as you like

be as vain as you like be as silly as you like be as creative as you want  dress up all you like poor blood on…
scum bum
scum bum Jul 04, 2013
candy girlpic

Sends my spider sense tingling

inspirational artwork that sends my spider sense a tingling lol. hello buzzneters scum bum here !! XD  been a good while snice iv done a…
scum bum
scum bum Jan 07, 2013
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scum bum
  • Ireland of belfast, IE
  • 22 Female, Aries
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  • Member Since: 2009-02-04
  • Relationship Status: going out with Biffy
  • Religion: Agnostic
  • Drink: Yes
  • Smoke: Yes
  • Education: In College
  • Occupation: freelance photographer, poet, crazy basterd


music, photography, poetry, toys, comics, art

Favorite Music:

Alkaline trio, Beastie Boys, Blink 182, Counting Crows, Foo Fighters, Journey, Joy Division, Metallica, Nofx, Rage Against the Machine, System Of a Down!, The Police, a plastic rose, biffy clyro, blondie, daft punk, death cap for cutie, deftones, disturbed, eliiott smith, faithless, hotchip, incubus, jimmy eat world, killswitch engage, korn, match box 2o, modest mouse, nine inch nails, nirvana, perfect circle, rammstein, ramones, sex pistols, slipknot, soil, stiff little fingures, the clash, the cure, the exploited, the smiths, the who, tool, under tones, white snake

Favorite Movies:

a clock work orange, lost boys, tim butons old movies like edward scissorhands and beetle juice

Favorite TV Shows:

IT crowd, hollyoaks, merlin

Favorite Books:

Lord off the rings trilogy, wb yeats vintage colletion
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